i love how real jake and amy are. i totally identify with his nervousness and her awkwardness. there’s going to be so much awkward sexual tension this season, i can’t wait.

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"Hey, so, listen. The thing that I said to you before I went undercover, about how I wished something had happened between us romantically… That wasn’t nothing - that was real. I know that you’re with Teddy, I’m not trying to change that and I get there’s stuff I can’t control, but this morning I told you that I didn’t mean any of it and that was a lie. I just don’t want to hold anything back. ”
"Thank you for saying that."

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My Endless List of OTPs (in no particular order)

Danny and Mindy

 I love you. Mindy I love you. I wanna to be with you.  Look at me, I want to be with you.

I think the reason that I tell everyone about us is because I want it to be real. And the more real it seems, the less likely it is that it can all get taken away from me.  

It’s real. 

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fill me in. tell me everything i missed.

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Mulder and Scully + Height Difference

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M e r l i n c a s t f e s t : E&E week
Day 29: Favourite Cast Member (Not Including the Main 4)

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Favorite scenes of Doctor Who 8.06 “The Caretaker”
▬ His definition proceeds himself… "The Rebel Time Lord"

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Thank you VLC for giving me this.

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me with every dog ever

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First go at writing b99 fic. My Jake x Amy withdrawal symptoms got out of control and Lia amysantiaghost made it all ten times worse.

Amy woke up to the ever-comforting smell of Jake’s shampoo as it wafted up from his place, snuggled against her chest. The official line was ‘this is where your boobs are; of course it’s where I wanna sleep’, but he almost always wound his arms tightly around her waist, and on more than one occasion his hand had ended up placed gently over her ribs, just so he could feel her heartbeat.

She didn’t mind letting him pretend it had nothing to do with her breathing calming him down, her hand stroking his hair, her fingertips drawing circles on his shoulder blades when she was deep in thought.

But the smell wasn’t having its usual effect.

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i’ve been mia all day. I AM VERY BUSY OKAY. no but it was museum day which means some of the non-smithsonian museums in DC were free so i obvi took advantage of that. and then i went to a birthday party out in the ‘burbs of virginia and as soon as i made it back into the district, i went straight to another party. i’m exhausted. i took one tylenol pm and i’m not setting my alarm. what time will i wake up? who knows.

later gators.

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loveandallthat78 replied to your post “[[MOR]oh hello cramps, where the fuck did you come from?”

did you take them away from me because if so a) thank you and b) i will take them back shortly i know this is the calm before the storm I KNOW IT

take them baaaaaaack

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A bunch of new Brooklyn Nine-Nine Promos

Two Drink Max, No Price Limit from “Undercover”

I Could Never Hurt You, Jake from “Undercover”

Gina And Boyle’s Dirty Little Secret from “Undercover”

"Stare Into The Maggot Drawer" from "Undercover"

Welcome To The Mafia from “Undercover”

Gina’s Spirit Animal from “Undercover”

Gina Is One Of Us, Now from “Undercover”

What The Hell, Boyle?! from “Undercover”

The Best Life Sentence from “Undercover”

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