Oh my dear boys.

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Happy 29th birthday, queen Mia! ♥ ♥ ♥

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you can tell a lot about a person by what kind of music they listen to. put your ipod or however you play your music on shuffle and write down the first 10 songs that come on. then post them so other people can see what your music choices say about you. tag 10 people you would also like to learn more about through their taste in music.

my goodness these things are everywhere. tagged by loveandallthat78 because she knew i’d do it.

  1. body count - justin timberlake
  2. too much - spice girls
  3. notorious - the saturdays
  4. i’m the greatest star (rachel’s version) - glee
  5. traveling by ambulance - monarchy
  6. holiday - madonna
  7. boys boys boys - lady gaga
  8. nobody lost, nobody found - cut copy
  9. here comes the sun - glee
  10. under the tide - chvrches

i don’t know how exciting this list is to others. 

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Two men dancing, Harlem, 1920s.

According to George Chauncey’s eponymous Gay New York, the Harlem Renaissance of the ’20s provided an opportunity for gay men to create their own social and cultural spaces within the burgeoning nightlife in the neighborhood. 

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If I’m gonna put myself out there, fall in love with you, I am not going to lose you. Do you hear me?
You planning on falling in love with me?
No. Of course not. I’m not planning on fall — no, it’s not something you plan on. It just — it happens. You — you’re powerless to stop it.
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With the understanding that the Blaine/ Karofsky thing is a serious no-go for some people because of Karofsky’s history of assault and bullying towards Kurt….

I have listened to this fandom go on and on and on and on about their need to see Kurt pursue/choose Blaine and now we’re getting that but we’re mad anyway? Be careful what you wish for I guess.

Also Blaine. Depressed. Fails out of NYADA. Feels not remotely surprising. I’ve said for a long time the character reads like he’s got issues with depression and gotten a ton of flack for it. And there it is. I wonder what he and Dave could have in common? Gee, I dunno.

I get if you’re like “I hate this contrivance” and/or discomforted or triggered by Karofsky. But the resolution where Blaine deals with his shit, gets Kurt, and healthier/in treatment Karofsky who wants these people to be happy helps encourage it in the end? Makes sense. For Dave and Blaine.

I just really hope the show does right by Dave & gives him an HEA because he can’t just be a sacrifice on the altar of Klaine.

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My reaction to the spoilers.


Not particularly wanky.  Ain’t nobody got time for that.

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Stitch this mate!

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loveandallthat78 replied to your post:danrdarrenc replied to your post “so i peaked at…
I think that people can be reformed, including Karofsky, but that he should go do that way far away. Blaine is too close to everything that happened to get involved with him.

definitely. i thought the way they ended his story in season three was beautiful and really quite lovely. i know kurt has forgiven him for all that he’s done but a part of him wouldn’t forget. but i think kurt (and blaine) WILL forget. if it was several years out, it’s one thing, but this is all still very fresh.

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so i peaked at the spoilers and they’re actually not bad, at least to me. one of my biggest issues with kurt and blaine is the disconnect between the two. kurt has always looked, acted, and appeared older and more mature than blaine. there were times when they were together that it felt jarring,…

I feel like I’m explaining this to everyone lately but that’s not how mid-games on Glee work. Blaine/Karofsky will be used to create sympathy for Kurt the way Emma/Carl created sympathy for Will and Finn/Quinn created sympathy for Rachel. Then eventually Kurt will start to move on and Blaine will decide he wants him back and will have to chase him the way Finn chased Rachel once Jesse came back for Prom. That’s just how Glee rolls. Plus Kurt will be too busy rebuilding the Glee Club with Rachel where as the Warblers are already established leaving Klaine as Blaine’s only storyline. The idea that Kurt will woo Blaine is laughable at best given the shows history. Add in that RIB won’t want to throw Dave under the bus and you get Dave breaking up with Blaine and Blaine crawling back to Kurt. It’s painfully obvious people!

Nope, I disagree. We’re dealing with two separate comebacks: Blaine’s and Klaine’s.
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okay back to being spoiler-free!

(we’ll actually see how long this lasts)

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danrdarrenc replied to your post “so i peaked at the spoilers and they’re actually not bad, at least to…”

i want your optimism! when you say it like that it almost sounds like a good, well-planned out/written storyline. and i think i would tend to agree with you on this (and even like/enjoy it to an extent) if. it. wasn’t. dave. karofsky.

the dave karofsky thing is the only thing i don’t like about it. the character makes me incredibly uncomfortable and i have a feeling they won’t address his past history of abuse at all. i think dave will come across as a genuinely good, nice guy and THAT i’ll have a problem with because it’ll be like they’re rewriting his past. but how could any of us forget it? dave was the reason why kurt left mckinley and met blaine!

i think it would have been sebastian if grant had been available and i think they want it to be a character we know because of hos much the kadam relationship crashed and burned with fans of the show. i hope we don’t see TOO much of the blaine/dave relationship because again, dave makes me uncomfortable. i hope they even throw in a line about blaine only dating dave because there are no other gay men in lima.

i’m most excited about kurt in this story, and i haven’t felt this excited about a kurt story in a long time.

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You asked me if you’re a good man and the answer is…I don’t know.
But you try to be and I think that’s probably the point.

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okay back to being spoiler-free!

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